Our gynecology clinic features an all-female staff and is directed by a female physician. Our midwife runs the birth/postpartum care department.

We are here for you and take your religion, culture, creed, and personal preferences into account to provide you with excellent service.

We accommodate natural flow childbirth without medical intervention.

We do not offer epidural anesthesia.
Our midwife is present throughout the birth process. The physician does not assist with births unless there is a complication.
Family members are welcome to attend the birth.
The food is also vegetarian.

Our physician can take care of your gynecological needs. We treat and consult for gynecological diseases, prescribe medication, and perform other checkups (i.e. cervical cancer check, venereal check, etc.). We also specialize in problems such as menstrual irregularities, menopausal problems, urinary leakage, and uterine prolapse.
Your partner is welcome to accompany you to your medical examination.

You can book your appointment via the Internet.

Consultation hours



Doctor’s no-consultation day:Wednesday,Sunday,and Holidays

※On the first and third Sundays, we will do occasional afternoon examination (13: 00 ~ 17: 00) on occasion.
Please see notice in detail.

Cooperating organization

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